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Re: [vfio-users] Got BSOD when using kvm=off


These days, I'm testing VFIO on ASUS ESC400 G2 Server.

Intel Xeon E5-2620 V2 (2 sockets)
DDR3-1600 ECC RAM 8Gx1
GPU(Guest): NVIDIA GeForce GTX480 & AMD FirePro 3D V4800
Host OS: Ubuntu 14.04 Server (Kernel 4.2.6 Stable with OVMF patch)
Guest OS: Windows 7 & Windows 10 (10240) (with OVMF)
QEMU ver: git (2.4.93)
libvirt ver: 1.2.21

First on GTX480, whole installation is fine, but I still got BSOD after NVIDIA driver installed and addded kvm=off. Not only Windows 7 got, but also Windows 10.
Then I passthrough V4800 into Windows 10, and now everything works fine with AMD official driver.

So my guess is, maybe NVIDIA driver added new tricks in driver, like CPU type check, etc.
Is that possible?

2015-11-11 13:21 GMT+08:00 Eddie Yen <missile0407 gmail com>:
I'm trying to make Geforce GTX980 as secondary GPU card.

So first, I use my already built Windows 10 VM as target.
This VM has already included kvm=off and hyper-v functions, and installed with OVMF.

I added virtual hardware by using virt-manager, add QXL and Spice,
Then launch VM, found that Windows 10 boot normally and GTX980 works wo any errors.
I ran OpenCL render benchmark and it works great wo any problem.
Also, all of this works finished by using virt-manager screen, I'm not plug another monitor on GTX980.

Next, I tried another VM using Windows 7 with SeaBIOS. I install Windows 7 first, and mount GTX980 into VM when finished installation.
I installed NVIDIA driver, because I didn't edit XML file so I got Code 43 on GTX980 after reboot.

Then, I edited XML, add kvm=off, and launch again, this time I got BSOD with 0x000003B error code.

My spec still same:
Core i7 4820K
GTX480 (Host) 
GTX980 (Guest)

And software:
Host OS: Fedora 22 workstation
QEMU: 2.4.0 with Hyper-V patch
libvirt: 1.2.13.fc22
virt-manager: 1.2.1-2.fc22

I know that GeForce card can't be a secondary card, so maybe I got BSOD is normal
But I can let my GTX980 as secondary when guest is Win10.
Maybe it because Win10 is using OVMF, but I need to do some experiments. 

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