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Re: [vfio-users] Optimize vm and host performance, is dual xeon the way ?

My cpu is a i7 4790k, is pinning the cpu usefull ? I'll try to derp a bit with the vcpu thing, just afraid 2 threads aren't enough for fedora :/

2015-12-26 11:59 GMT+01:00 Eddie Yen <missile0407 gmail com>:
I forgot your CPU type, so I don't know about your case.

But, as I'm using 4820K, I usually using 4 to 6 threads gave to VM, only use 2 threads for Fedora host.
And most important is vCPU tweaks, especially CPU topology and Hyper-V.

For me, I usually set topology as "sockets=1 cores=6 threads=1" if using 6 threads from host.
Then set cpuset= to let vCPU worked on pointed CPU threads.

IME, set all threads as vCPU cores can got better performance on Windows 10.

2015-12-26 18:00 GMT+08:00 thibaut noah <thibaut noah gmail com>:
Hello guys merry christmas ! o/
My current issue is vm and host optimization, i use my windows 10 vm for gaming purposes only (like most of us i think), problem is, to keep my performances on windows high i drain too much ressources on my fedora host thus making it almost useless (also when leaving the vm i most of the time found myself unable to use fedora at all so i have to reboot...).
So is it possible to improve performances to the max on the guest without almost killing the host ?
Should i consider switching my gear for a bi-xeon? (to assign one fully to the host and one to the guest)
I'm actually not sure about what happen here, does anyone ran into the same sort of issue?
Have a good day

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