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[vfio-users] VM slows down with +2gb RAM


I try to make a multi-os gaming machine, one win 10 with NVIDIA 970 and other with win10 and AMD 7770... I can do it work and works like a charm...but with 2gb...

My host is a 5820k with 4*4gb RAM, gigabyte X99-ud4 ( a shitty mobo ), radeon 2600hd for host, NVIDIA 970 and radeon 7770.

For example, i do a fresh installation of windows for NVIDIA, with 2gb RAM. The installation complete and GPU have vídeo, shutdown the computer and assign 4gb, Windows boot and everything slows down at almost freeze and CPU goes to 80-100% with no reason, it doesnt matter if have 1vcpu or 10vcpu. gpu sometimes have vídeo and sometimes not...  But.... If i remove VGA PCI assignement, windows boot fine and works like a charm.

I try fedora 22 and debian testing with the same result.

PD: there is any possibilty to remove the radeon 2600 GPU host and do the same with 2 GPU? I know with unraid distro its possible, but i cant do it with debian.

PD2: bad english, i know. Spanish here.

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