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[vfio-users] Translation project, info updates needed.

I've started a (yet)one-man-army translation project with the objective of bringing info and knowledge about VFIO to my native language.
I've partially translated aw's blog post about iommu groups dated back to august 2014, and since that time a lot has changed.

For example, the post says that hoprfully Intel will add more ACS to their products, and also mentions some exceptions like xeon E3-1200.
I'd like to know any updates on that field, as i don't remember the details and exact models.
I know that there were some major road blocks in 1XX Intel chipsets like high integration between components and stuff.

Also, because my project is in WIP state, more questions like this will appear in the future.

I don't feel like just leaving a disclaimer "this article is two years old" would be the right way to deal with this.

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