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Re: [vfio-users] Translation project, info updates needed.

On Sun, Apr 3, 2016 at 7:12 PM, Blank Field <ihatethisfield gmail com> wrote:

I've started a (yet)one-man-army translation project with the objective of bringing info and knowledge about VFIO to my native language.
I've partially translated aw's blog post about iommu groups dated back to august 2014, and since that time a lot has changed.

For example, the post says that hoprfully Intel will add more ACS to their products, and also mentions some exceptions like xeon E3-1200.
I'd like to know any updates on that field, as i don't remember the details and exact models.
I know that there were some major road blocks in 1XX Intel chipsets like high integration between components and stuff.

I think if you read through to the latest blog entries, any updates are available.  There's a post specifically addressing ACS in various Intel processors which boils down to Xeon E5 or better or a "High End Desktop Processor", which appears to be a re-branded E5.  I just posted last week quirks for Skylake PCH root port ACS; turns out Intel did implement ACS on those root ports, but not to the register offsets defined by the PCIe spec.  Those quirks will hopefully be coming in the v4.7 kernel.  The 100-series chipset still has the issue that more of the integrated components are part of multi-function devices without ACS, so some of those onboard devices are not going to be easily assignable as they have been on previous chipsets, I don't expect any progress there.  Thanks,


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