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Re: [vfio-users] Patched qemu on arch


Qemu has the input patches in git now, so more than likely coming in the next 2.6 which is in RC release, so not much longer. You can use the qemu-git from AUR for now and then switch back over to main release when 2.6 final is out. You will be pulling RC code from git, so it will be more stable than a true envelopment branch.

Or, you could download the pacman source files for stable qemu, and add the patches to the build file and then make it. There's a really good tutorial on Arch Wiki on how to modify and compile your own packages. You can grab the needed files from:

That's one thing I love about Arch, you can grab their package sources very easily without hunting for them, and the tools support external builds really easily. :) I use to write Arch pacman scripts, and might be able to help you our, but you should be able to follow where to put the patches.


On 7 April 2016 at 04:42, thibaut noah <thibaut noah gmail com> wrote:
Hi guys, made the switch from arch to fedora.
Thought there was a repo an the aur with qemu already patched but apparently i was wrong.
So, before i got into the trouble of building it myself (which seems cumbersome on arch) anybody by any chance got qemu 2.5 with input patches for arch?

Also, i made a backup of my rpmbuild for qemu 2.5 patched for fedora 23, if someone wants it just email me and i will put it on github.
Have a nice day everyone

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