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Re: [vfio-users] Patched qemu on arch

My god dat syntax.
I assume the $name is /dev/input/by-id and event$nr is /dev/input/by-path?
The rest of the syntaxt does not change?

2016-04-07 14:46 GMT+02:00 thibaut noah <thibaut noah gmail com>:
I just need keyboard and mouse :D
I assume you are pretty happy with the video thing, you were waiting for it if i remember.

Let's go for aur then, while building my own package seems like fun i prefer to spend my time on improving my kernel :D
The wiki on how to create custom builds is not very clear for me, i thought redhat documencation on rpmbuild much clearer.
I guess i just need some time to get use to it.

2016-04-07 14:43 GMT+02:00 Jonathan Scruggs <j scruggs gmail com>:
Oh, keep in mind that the syntax has changed for the qemu command line to enable this as this patch:
I don't know if it's possible to hot add from a video card pass-through and input device pass-through. I'll need to try that.

On 7 April 2016 at 04:42, thibaut noah <thibaut noah gmail com> wrote:
Hi guys, made the switch from arch to fedora.
Thought there was a repo an the aur with qemu already patched but apparently i was wrong.
So, before i got into the trouble of building it myself (which seems cumbersome on arch) anybody by any chance got qemu 2.5 with input patches for arch?

Also, i made a backup of my rpmbuild for qemu 2.5 patched for fedora 23, if someone wants it just email me and i will put it on github.
Have a nice day everyone

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