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[vfio-users] Libvirt fail to load vm after setting cset

Hi, so i have my win10 virtual machine which i load using virsh, for the vm config i use a libvirt xml file and some scripts to improve performances :
-set VM

-launch VM

-Xml file

I assume the error happens when libvirt tries to vcpupin my vcpu to the physical core, might be because when i use cset the software somehow takes control of the cores.
What i don't get is that it shouldn't happen, i run everything as root and those are my files, also on the source i used to create my bash scripts no one seems to encounter that issue.
Googling the issue got me some post on the redhat mailing list but no fix for this, i assume someone here might have encounter this very issue, if so any lead on how to solve this?

Also on another note, i found it cumbersome to launch my scripts one by one, does anyone knows a way to make a script to do everything at once? (set environnement, launch vm and set environnement back to default after the vm is kill)
I could write a program for that but that seems overkill, don't know bash enough to script this.

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