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Re: [vfio-users] input-linux first impressions

I'veĀ  the exact same problems when i used qemu's built in SDL window.

On Apr 14, 2016 5:13 PM, "Ivan Volosyuk" <ivan volosyuk gmail com> wrote:
First of all it is pretty cool to be able to skip the synergy and short-circuit multiple layers on the way of keyboard and mouse events. It was pretty easy to setup once I found the right options:
EXTRA_ARGS+=" -object input-linux,id=mouse1,evdev=/dev/input/by-id/usb-Logitech_USB-PS_2_Optical_Mouse-event-mouse"
EXTRA_ARGS+=" -object input-linux,id=mouse3,evdev=/dev/input/by-id/usb-Razer_Razer_DeathAdder-event-mouse"
EXTRA_ARGS+=" -object input-linux,id=kbd1,evdev=/dev/input/by-id/usb-0b38_0010-event-kbd,grab_all=on"
EXTRA_ARGS+=" -object input-linux,id=kbd2,evdev=/dev/input/by-id/usb-Chicony_USB_Keyboard-event-kbd,grab_all=on"

The was some rough edges as well. I stress-tested it playing Stacraft 2 with a lot of mouse and keyboard events. Some of my keybindings require 2 modifiers: e.g. ctrl-shift-r. The issues I found:
- It seems some modifiers sometimes was getting stuck, so I was puzzled a few times when I couldn't select single unit (probably shift was stuck). I have to press all modifiers to get it released.
- At some point mouse was ungrabbed and remained this way even I could still toggle grab state for my keyboard.
- I have 2 extra mouse buttons and the Windows 8.1 didn't seem to receive any events for them.
qemu: (Wed Apr 13 20:35:23 2016) 33e570288985611345c7d6e073a4b258c97573a8
Linux 4.5.0+

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