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[vfio-users] 回复:Re: nvidia GT 705 pass-thr ough failed

thanks for reply, when boot windows, it stop running, and the graphic card fan stop, I can not get any information from windows.

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主题:Re: [vfio-users] nvidia GT 705 pass-through failed
日期:2016年04月13日 01点24分

What error are you getting in the Windows device manager? If you're getting error 43, you have to mask your hypervisor either by disabling the hypervclock (check part 4 on aw's guide) or by spoofing your hv_vendor_id (as explained here). The former can have a pretty noticeable impact on your performance, though, so you'll probably want to go with the second option if you're ok with using a nightly build of qemu.

On 2016-04-12 06:16, ivyyh sina com wrote:


    I pass-through Nvidia GT 705 to win7, win 7 start normal, but when I finished install the driver and reboot win7, it stop run.

any advice? thanks 

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