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Re: [vfio-users] Arch, Virt-manager and Network Manager [help needed]

Network Manager has some serious bugs. The best way to create a bridge is to delete all the networks from Network Manger. Then configure systemd-networkd scripts. It's not hard. In fact, stupidly easy. Enable systemd-networkd. Then add the bridge in Virt-Manager.

The Network Manager creation of a bridge is very unstable, which is the opposite you want for a VM. Also, you have the added bonus of starting the bridge earlier. I would share my scripts, but I'm in Spain away from my desktop at the moment. I still use Network Manager to use OpenVPN easily. The new versions of NW have a fix so they don't display networks they didn't create, so you have no worry about messing up the networkd scripts.


On 16 April 2016 at 14:29, Garland Key <david garland key gmail com> wrote:
I'm running Arch with Plasma 5 and Network Manager.  AFAIK, the virt-manager package on Arch has broken networking.  I've successfully created a bridge using Network Manager, but I can't seem to add the bridge in virt-manager or via virsh.

Is this possibe?  I need it for Synergy.  My mobo has two ethernet devices, but I don't have another cat5 cable atm.

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