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[vfio-users] Cloning qcwo2 image to native install and boot it with qemu?

Hi guys, so i did some thinking and a bit of reading and it seems some people are currently running native windows install with qemu.
Since it would be the best of both worlds, allowing me to dual boot windows for native benchmarks and all i'm thinking about making the leap.
Though i could use some advice if people here have done that already.

First i will start with my current situation, since i have a qcwo2 image on the disk i want to install windows on, i would first need to make a snapshot or a copy of said image on another disk, that part seems easy enough.

Then comes the tricky part, i would need to unmount my ssd, format it with proper partitionning? and then cloning directly from my virtualize windows my install to the ssd using most likely acronis.
Anyone attempted this before? The cloning part i mean, it seems logic to me that it would work but i really have no idea.
I could just reinstall everything except i have a crappy connection (250ko/s for 6 people) and it took me weeks to get every soft and games i needed.
Also on the performance side with qemu i don't know what is the proper way to partition the ssd before cloning windows, i'm not even sure i actually need to partition anything, maybe the cloning software can do it for me.

After that, and supposing everything works i assume i just have to pass the disk to qemu without mounting it.
Dual boot might be tricky since i'll need to update mbr and since i use grub that would require some digging.

Anyway, if any of you folks have some knowledge on that please feel free to share it, that seems like a nice way to get people switching from dual boot to vfio :)

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