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Re: [vfio-users] Fedora 23 ACS Patch

Doesn't patch support syntax like patch -p1 filename.patch?
Does vanilla linux really can do stuff like make rpm? If so, since when?

On Apr 18, 2016 4:18 AM, "Brett Peckinpaugh" <erylflynn gmail com> wrote:
Thanks for any help in advance.

I am trying to create a patched kernel for Fedora 23.  I have downloaded from the Kernel archive the 4.5.1 source files.  I can compile to rpm, install and run from this source. When I attempt to patch I fail at different steps based on which ACS patch I try.

I compile by the following steps.
make menuconfig
make rpm

To patch:
make menuconfig
cat pathtofile/acs_patch.diff | patch -p1
make rpm

Depending on the ACS patch, sometimes it fails at the cat step, sometimes it fails at the make rpm step.

First, is what I am doing on the right track? If not is there a guide to do this? If I am on the right track, which ACS patch should I use, and if I run into issues what should I do or look for?  I can't seem to locate logs for when it fails to help me trouble shoot what is wrong.

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