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Re: [vfio-users] Fedora 23 ACS Patch

Thanks for replying.

To stress, I am new to this process.  I have ran Linux as my primary desktop for about 2 years.

How would I get a copy of an ACS patch for my kernel? Or failing that, what should I do to create one?  I am not a C programmer, so would be limited in my ability to write one.

On Mon, Apr 18, 2016 at 2:22 AM, Zycorax Tokoroa <zycorax phoxden xyz> wrote:

> 2016-04-18 3:21 GMT+02:00 Blank Field <ihatethisfield gmail com
> <mailto:ihatethisfield gmail com>>:
>     Doesn't patch support syntax like patch -p1 filename.patch?
>     Does vanilla linux really can do stuff like make rpm? If so, since when?
> I think that is the syntax i use back then.
> What do you mean by vanilla linux? You're talking about the kernel or
> the distrib gnu/linux in general?
> Rpm is supported by the majority of the distros if i remember correctly.
He likely refers to a method to build a rpm directly and solely trough
the kernel's makefile. 'make rpm-pkg' is possible since as far as I can
remember, along with 'make deb-pkg'

>     On Apr 18, 2016 4:18 AM, "Brett Peckinpaugh" <erylflynn gmail com
>     <mailto:erylflynn gmail com>> wrote:
>         Thanks for any help in advance.
>         I am trying to create a patched kernel for Fedora 23.  I have
>         downloaded from the Kernel archive the 4.5.1 source files.  I
>         can compile to rpm, install and run from this source. When I
>         attempt to patch I fail at different steps based on which ACS
>         patch I try.
>         I compile by the following steps.
>         make menuconfig
>         make rpm
>         To patch:
>         make menuconfig
>         cat pathtofile/acs_patch.diff | patch -p1
>         make rpm
>         Depending on the ACS patch, sometimes it fails at the cat step,
>         sometimes it fails at the make rpm step.
'patch' has an '-i' argument to take a file as input - not that cat'ing
is wrong, both methods work.
You should look at what exact errors you get to have proper help, errors
in patching usually means you are using incompatible versions of the
patch and the kernel together, where the code has changed enough to
confuse patch. As it has been told, look for a patch that's appropriate
to your kernel version. Errors during the building of the kernel need
more detail to be understood

 Zycorax Tokoroa

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