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Re: [vfio-users] fail booting windows guest after switching from qcwo2 from raw block device

Okay, so i assume i'm good and need to launch the vm this way then.
I need to be able to benchmark on native windows and having two sets of install would be cumbersome, especially since i won't have the same disk for it.

Will see how booting on windows goes as soon as i found out how to add it to grub.
Reactivation is just one click away, not really a problem here.
Thanks alex

2016-04-19 20:46 GMT+02:00 Alex Williamson <alex l williamson gmail com>:
On Tue, Apr 19, 2016 at 12:02 PM, thibaut noah <thibaut noah gmail com> wrote:
On the side note, i forgot to say that i can boot if i pass /dev/sde to qemu, which according to redhat documentation is not what one is suppose to do as it can compromise the host system.

I guess the concern there is that you've made a bootable disk for bare metal too and you just might accidentally boot that image at some point.  Regardless, that's what you' need to do given the procedure you've followed.  If you want to make it non-bootable on bare metal, then make one big partition on the SSD assign that to the VM and redo your clone.  Note that while it's theoretically possible to boot a disk on both bare metal and in a VM, it's about as convenient and dicey as moving a disk from one physical system to another and hoping that Windows has all the right drivers and doesn't ask for re-activation. 

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