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Re: [vfio-users] Host hard lockups

On 05/08/2016 22:11, vfio wrote:
Hello everyone,

I've been running VGA passthrough with a Debian unstable host and a
Windows 10 guest for months now. Everything works perfectly, except that
the entire machine randomly freezes when the guest is running.

When a freeze happens, the guest immediately locks up. Sometimes, if
audio was playing, it goes into a short loop. Strangely, the host does
not usually freeze immediately; it takes a few seconds after the guest
has frozen. For example, my CPU monitor on the host will usually perform
a few more measurements before completely freezing, and the mouse cursor
on the host machine will continue working for a few seconds as well.

When the host freezes, not even the physical reset button on the machine
works. It requires a hard reset by holding the power button. There have
been a few times where the reset button worked. However, in one of these
instances, the host refused to boot after a reset, claiming to be unable
to initialize one of the USB buses. Sometimes the issue does not happen
for several days with multiple-hour sessions. Sometimes it happens
multiple times per day, possibly a few minutes after booting the guest.

No freeze leaves any traces in syslog.

These issues are very similar to those reported by Colin Godsey on this
list in May. While the conclusion of that thread seemed to be BIOS
firmware problems or "the Skylake freeze", I am using a Core i7-4960X
(Ivy Bridge-E) and an ASUS Rampage IV Extreme with the final BIOS
revision (4901 from 2014-06-18).

I had something similar too, it was happening few times per month. And then it stopped, but I do not remember what changed back then :( Could be hardware change since I switched around that time from AMD to nVidia Quadro, or could be software change as I upgraded to qemu 2.5 (but I see you are running 4.6, so probably not this). I also made changes in my system configuration to ensure it does not run out of RAM (it is also running ZFS, which is very greedy).


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