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Re: [vfio-users] GTX 570 EFI support

Wow, great! No problem, if you've got any other questions feel free to contact me again.

On Aug 16, 2016 1:16 PM, "gerson moises" <grsnmoises yahoo com> wrote:
Thanks,Ben J, it was possible to setup everythig and passthrough GTX 570 in just 1 day and those problems vanished.
On Mon, 8/15/16, Ben J <btpprograms gmail com> wrote:

 Subject: Re: [vfio-users] GTX 570 EFI support
 To: "Alex Williamson" <alex williamson redhat com>
 Cc: "gerson moises" <grsnmoises yahoo com>, vfio-users redhat com
 Date: Monday, August 15, 2016, 1:50 PM

 I am currently
 using a GTX 580 for passthrough. The 500 series does not
 support UEFI as far as I'm aware. If I remember
 correctly, that error occured when the card was already
 claimed by something. My card is very finnicky about getting
 claimed so I usually need to 'reboot' the card after
 freeing it from the NVIDIA driver or a VM. I just do this by
 suspending but I'm sure there's another way to power
 cycle just the card. You definitely need to use one of the
 older tutorials, any one that uses EFI won't work for

 I would try launching the card with PCI stub and then
 pulling the ROM, maybe vfio-pci is somehow claiming the
 card. My current procedure is to launch both GTX 580's
 with PCI stub initially and then bind one to vfio and the
 other to NVIDIA for my host OS. Not sure how to help with
 your specific problem but I can share more about my setup if
 it would help. I'm using a Win 7 guest so that could be
 a difference.

 On Tue, Aug 2, 2016 at
 12:36 PM, Alex Williamson <alex williamson redhat com>
 Tue, 2 Aug 2016 15:50:03 +0000 (UTC)

 gerson moises <grsnmoises yahoo com>

 > Hi everyone,


 > I followed the guide on this link : http://vfio.blogspot.my/2014/
 08/does-my-graphics-card-rom- support-efi.html to check
 if my graphics card ROM supports EFI

 >  But I get the following error :


 > "cat: rom: Input/output error"


 > What could be the reason ?

 > I am using vfio-pci and already put the option vfio-pci
 ids =boot , I followed all the steps and when I reboot I see
 the GTX 570 is unused.

 > Or does anyone know whether GTX 570 supports EFI ?


 > I tried this because whenever I start the VM with a
 windows 10 guest I have a BSOD loop after installing NVIDIA
 driver. With Ubuntu guest I also get an error, it says
 "glx" not found and I cannot successfully login in
 the guest OS, I just get a blank screen with the Ubuntu
 logo, although with the Nouveau driver I have no problem and
 the VM OS actually can see the GTX Graphics card. The
 problems only begin after installing the NVIDIA drivers. So
 this is a troubleshooting attempt.


 > Any idea ?

 It's pretty well guaranteed that a 500 series GeForce
 does not support

 UEFI.  AFAIK, there's not a terribly high success rate
 with these cards

 either.  The 600 series are generally what I consider the
 bottom end of

 working reasonably well.  Otherwise there's not really

 information in your report to provide any specific advice. 


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