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Re: [vfio-users] Trying to pass through USB controller.


On 02/23/2016 02:06 PM, Jonathan Scruggs wrote:
Okay, I disabled xHCI in the bios and mapped all the ports. I want
all 6 on Host Controller #2 to be passed through to the quest. It's
00:1a.0. I select that in Libvirt, so how do I make the mask which I
want permanently passed through.

You want a mask of 00 0000 1111 1111
                   \_____/ \_______/
                   EHCI #2  EHCI #1

In hexadecimal, that's 0x00ff. If you want it to be permanent, then you
can just stick the setpci command in /etc/rc.local or somewhere, and not
bother with any of the toggling setup.

There are 6 ports on Controller #2. For Controller #1, there are 10
ports. However, 4 are under a hub that is on port 5. I could not
find a port 6 for controller #1.

There should be exactly 8 ports on controller #1, ignoring any hubs
connected downstream.

BTW, if you have one guest, you may want to check out the patches
for qemu that use your host keyboard and mouse and pass them through
as a PS2/USB device and you use both ctrl keys to switch back and

That sounds interesting, but my main reason for doing this is to avoid
USB passthrough. I originally set this up to use the onboard Bluetooth
module in Windows, with bluetooth headphones, so I could avoid audio
emulation (since my monitor doesn't support audio over DVI). When I used
USB passthrough, playback would stutter every minute or so; this way
works flawlessly. Keyboard and mouse was an afterthought.

Samuel Holland <samuel sholland org>

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