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Re: [vfio-users] BSOD when installing drivers for R9 290

On 2016-01-07 11:30 AM, Eric Griffith wrote:
My problem is.. The Win7 (and Win8.1) guests are perfectly fine and stable
until I try to install the amd crimson drivers. Then Windows BSODs, yelling
about an unhandled exception. If I unpack the install and install things
piecemeal, then I can install the HDMI audio driver, and everything else
okay...except for the display driver. Installing the display driver causes
the BSOD.
How are you booting the guest (e.g. manually executing QEMU, or manually created libvirt XML or virt-manager+libvirt)?

I had a very similar symptom on my guest, in the end it was the guest's machine flag "vmport=off" that virt-manager had added that resulted in the hang/BSOD upon installation of the driver.

After attempting a driver install, does the guest boot correctly but hang when attempting to show the login screen (i.e. when the 3D driver initializes)?


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