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Re: [vfio-users] new amd cards?

>anyone know if new amd (RX 480) cards stil doesn't have proper hardware
>pcie reset support?

I asked that in #radeon @ freenode and the answer wasn't what I was
hoping for.

<tholin> anyone know if the new RX 480 cards have problems with PCI bus
resets like many other GCN based cards?
<agd5f> tholin, special driver handling is required for pci resets due
to hw changes on all asics since CI.  See:
<tholin> I don't suppose the windows driver has a similar patch to that one?
<agd5f> tholin, it handles it similarly
<tholin> then what is causing the reset problems with windows in VM and
cards like fiji and tonga?
<tholin> or is that solved?
<agd5f> tholin, I'm not sure how much validation the windows driver gets
with KVM

agd5f is Alex Deucher (the guy who helped out with the Bonaire and
Hawaii reset problems)

Polaris cards probably behave similar to previous generations with PCI
bus resets.

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