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[vfio-users] Patching qemu from fedora-virt-preview repo ?

Hi, i have installed virt tools by adding the fedora-virt-preview repo as described in alex's blog when i first did my system installation (opening my own issue for better clarity).

Doing so actually installed a lot of packages but i am a little perplex here.
Checking available packages from the repo i see that there is a qemu-2:2.5.0-6.fc23.x86_64 package which is not installed.
In installed packages i have :

I might be mistaken but is it possible that qemu-common are just files needed by all qemu packages and that by using libvirt i never really used qemu from the start?

If so and considering i actually never installed any packages myself for virtualization (only adding repo and updating system) do i have to install qemu-2 manually because this is the one to patch?

I managed to enable fedora-virt-preview-source which is listed in the same repo as fedora-virt-preview and in there i can find rpm packages : 

Question is where do i got from there?
Do i download qemu rpm manually (by clicking on it in my browser) and patch it?

Seems by this link :  http://bradthemad.org/tech/notes/patching_rpms.php that the process to patch a rpm is similar as patching a kernel, mainly creating folder, downloading source, patch it and recompile.

I'm just afraid to do so considering i'm not sure this is what i'm suppose to do.
If this is the right way i assume using rpmbuild at the end of the process will automatically install it and i'm done?

Any insight from a fedora user would be appreciated, also bear in mind that i tend to be a noob regarding linux and if you go too much into some details that might look like chinese to me.

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