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[vfio-users] choosing motherboard/chipset, hardware compatibility lists

After the problems with the Intel 55x0 chipset, I've been looking at how
to choose something that is more likely to work

I came across some lists maintained in various places:

  (mentions the C612 chipset but not the earlier C602?)


(this says HP Z800 is supported, but maybe they were testing one with
the newer 5520 C2 chipset)


   (mentions a few chipsets)

Are there any others that people consider useful for KVM VGA passthrough?

Could any of these be used to create a wiki page to help people choosing
hardware for KVM VGA passthrough?  Are there any other commercial
products that could be considered equivalent, such that KVM users could
use the compatibility list from Citrix or VMware or somewhere else as a

Can anybody comment on the C602 and C612 chipsets used in more recent HP

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