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Re: [vfio-users] Distinguishing Logical and HT Cores, Cpu-latencies Script Results

Run "virsh capabilities" and look for <cpus> tag. It lists core siblings. Its what you are looking for right? For me this script also is little inconclusive, however seems like libvirt lists siblings right as i cant pin one core to two physical cores that are not siblings.

On 2016.03.04 16:34, Jeff wrote:
I'm trying to distinguish which cores are which on my Intel 5930k processor.
I ran the script at the console, with no other additional VM's, Docker, or plugins running (I'm running UnRAID).
My output doesn't show any real differences between the cores, all 4's and 5's, with the expected 10 to itself.
I had to modify the script a little to run (locations for netperf and BC), but that's really it.
Nothing else special to report, no messing with governors, or the like.


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