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Re: [vfio-users] Win10 guest stops responding. How to debug?

I can confirm Guillaumes problems with a Win10 guest using virtio-scsi and virtio-win-drivers in version 0.1.112 and 0.1.113. Has been working for hours or even days after the driver update, but suddenly only minutes after each (re)boot has finished, all processes that need disk access start hanging. Once started, my webbased podcast player could have kept streaming a podcast without problems for hours (or two to be exact), but I couldn't access the tab in firefox anymore.

Version 0.1.110 works for me.


On 27/02/2016 13:37, gui-gui netcourrier com wrote:
As for my problem, it seems to be the virtio-scsi driver. I booted with "-hda <file>" and had no hangs. I should have tried earlier, especially since I was suspecting the disk already...
Which version of the scsi driver are people using for windows10?
I first installed version 0.1.112 (which was the latest at the time of install) and am now trying version 0.1.102 (the stable version), but these are win8 drivers as the iso doesn't seem to include win10 drivers, and I have had no hangs yet (even through a radeon update). I'll stick with those and see how it goes, unless someone can recommend a better version.

On Fri, Feb 26, 2016 at 8:32 PM, <gui-gui netcourrier com> wrote:

I can boot the VM fine most of the time. However, after a while, the VM stops responding. By this, I mean I can still move the mouse on the screen (so network and graphics seem to be working, but the programs inside the VM stop working and nothing happens when I type or click. My guess is either the disk (virtio scsi)

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