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Re: [vfio-users] two nvidia cards, one for the host with nvidia module

Am 2016-03-07 16:55, schrieb Alex Williamson:
nvidia.ko does not support dynamic unbinding of devices.  I've filed a
bug with them, they closed it wontfix.  You need to follow the guides
to have the VM graphics card bound to pci-stub or vfio-pci directly
rather than letting it bind to nvidia.  See for instance

Got it working after an upgrade of my distri, I got Kernel 4.4.5, qemu 2.5 and nvidia-drivers 358, so I don't know which update it finally was.

One issue remains though, If I start the kvm process a second time, without an reboot of the host, the vm and the host freezes (I guess when windows is laoding the graphic card driver).

Does someone has this issue also, or is there an known fix/workaround?


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