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Re: [vfio-users] Single GPU Passthrough

On March 21, 2016 at 12:32:28, eric griffith (egriffith92 gmail com) wrote:

Details, Alex? What fun technology is enabling this? I didn't think something like this was currently / soon-to-be possible.

On Mar 20, 2016 23:28, "Alex Williamson" <alex l williamson gmail com> wrote:
It's coming.  If you have a Broadwell or newer CPU and intend to use only Windows guests with IGD as the secondary graphics device VM, you can pretty much do it now.  If you have anything older (I'm only intended to go back as far as Sandybridge) or want to run a different guest or want to use IGD as primary in the guest, you'll need host kernel changes that are coming in v4.6, QEMU changes that may or may not make 2.6, and an updated SeaBIOS.

I think Alex was referring to Intel KVMGT [1].

[1] https://01.org/igvt-g/blogs/wangbo85/2016/intel-gvt-g-kvmgt-public-release-q42015

Best regards,
Okky Hendriansyah

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