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[vfio-users] Tianocore Splash Screen Not Displayed on Passed-through GPU.

Dear All,

I recently upgraded from Gigabyte GTX 980 G1 Gaming to MSI GTX 980 Ti Gaming 6G, and I just noticed that guest machine no longer displays Tianocore (OVMF) splash screen on boot like it did when passing through Gigabyte GTX 980 G1 Gaming. If I start the guest machine without GPU passed-through. the splash screen is displayed on the QXL-VGA device.

Is it normal? Should I even need to be concerned about this behavior? I do not feel any performance breakdown or anything, just a curiosity. Does that means that only certain manufacturer (like Gigabyte) that can show the splash screen during boot?

Currently on Arch Linux linux-lts-4.1.20 with stock qemu (2.5) and latest OVMF from Gerd's Jenkins build repository. The qemu script is at [1].

[1] http://pastebin.com/EaUg30Qw

Thank you.

Best regards,
Okky Hendriansyah

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