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Re: [vfio-users] vfio, xeon e3s, acs, & gpus -- oh my!

What do you mean by "iffy"? My $200 x99 board has seperate IOMMU groups per-device, and a i7 5820k/6800k or, if you want it cheaper, an E5-1620v3 or 1620v4, can do ACS and sane IOMMU groups with it for under $600 also, without needing to get a used processor...

On Fri, Mar 31, 2017 at 8:11 PM, Taiidan gmx com <Taiidan gmx com> wrote:
Intel's stuff is really iffy about ACS unless you buy one of the overpriced two thousand dollar processors, they use it for artificial market segmentation so that they can say the desktop processors and the E3 etc doesn't "support" sr-iov etc.

If you want to do this without spending lots of money I would go with a coreboot compatible G34 Opteron setup, I have a KGPE-D16 and it has ACS + IOMMU with interrupt remapping (and every device gets its own IOMMU group) - I play games in VM on it.

You can get the board for $400 and a used quality 16 core CPU for around $100, there is also a port of the OpenBMC network kvm in progress - which will make it the first blob free server board with feature equivalency to the proprietary stuff.


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