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Re: [vfio-users] posted interrupts

With regards to your first question, I am using an E5-1620v4 with X99 chipset but I am not sure how I can check for you if the 16xx supports this. Let me know if you would like me to check something specifically.

Kind regards, Pim

On 06/04/17 13:18, Joshua Lee wrote:
I'm not clear if posted interrupts, a feature of Broadwell-EP, is available on both E5 1xxx V4 and E5 2xxx V4, or just E5 2xxx V4? Intel's marketing literature seems to stress the latter family of processors as having it, but reviews on sources such as Anandtech do not mention anything but Broadwell-EP E5 Xeons having it in general.

Also, a second question, what amount of performance increase in GPU performance could one expect for a KVM/QEMU virtual machine with PCIE VGA passthrough using the posted interrupt feature of Broadwell-EP Xeons, using say a 1620 V4, 1630 V4, or 1650 V4, assuming those have the feature (if not, insert a frequency-optimized E5 2xxx instead) versus say a i7-5820k?

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