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[vfio-users] [OVMF+VIFO+QEMU] Large VM RAM allocation = Long Boot Times

This is an issue that involves a combination of different software packages, so my apologies in advance if this is the wrong list to post on.

I'm experiencing terrible boot times when I assign a large amount of RAM to a VM when used in combination with VIFO/PCI-passthrough.

On a VM with a Nvidia GTX 970 + USB controller and 24GiB of RAM assigned, the time to the TianoCore splash screen is ~5 minutes. It's then ~30 seconds before Windows 10 begins to boot (spinning dots). During this time, the QEMU CPU core threads are 100% busy.

According to `perf`, the QMU CPU core threads are spending most of their time waiting on a spinlock over kvm->mmu_lock that's created by kvm_zap_gfn_range.

I'm fairly certain that ~1 year ago (if not longer) the same configuration didn't take this long to boot.


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