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[virt-tools-list] Suggestions about Virt-manager

Hi, dear virt-tools development team,

I am one of the Fedora fans in China and really feel amazing to experience this fantastic virt-manager tool. However, I think some areas can be improved in future, so could you mind if I made some proposals/suggestions?

1) Is that possible to make it details for the documentation in virt-manager website & in the software help? And if common users know how to contribute on this software, lots of people (including I) are willing to do some work such as translation/localization etc. This wonderful software deserves much more popular useage than current situation, but apparently the instructions (for example, establish & use guest OS step-by-step instructure) had become the obstacles for its widely spread.  

2) Can we add more features that are currently exisiting in virtualbox & vmware workstation? For example, a tool bar/menu still can not be hidden when in full-screen mode; no shared folder (I know SAMBA can share files between guest & host OS, but most of users don't know how); no utility / seamless feature (lots of virtualbox / vmware users really love that feature!); and only English version of this software available.......

3) Another suggestion for enterprise application.
Let me firstly tell you some suitation in my company: The high & stable performance workstation are needed in the department of Computer-Aided-Design/Engineering/Manufacturing(CAD/CAE/CAM), so the Linux-based Solaris workstation are commonly used by some employees. However, the engineers still need to communicate with other Windows users via XP. For those employees, the company allocated 2 computers (sharing a same display LCD) to them. They firstly complete CAD/CAE/CAM work in Solaris workstation, then switch to another computer with XP installed to tranfer files to colleages via FTP (Hummingbird). Oh, MY GOD! 

What if the KVM/Virt-manager will be installed in the workstation? What if the virt-manager runs very fast & smoothly & stably with the feature of "virtualbox seamless / vmware unitily" function? The answer is: the linux users will really "seamlessly" do their work between Windows XP & Linux and even they themselves do not feel in 2 different OS! And the company will no longer to buy another set of hardware with XP installed for Linux users any more!

Yours, Axel


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