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[virt-tools-list] Re: live migrate ok with virsh, ko with virt-manager

Ok, it is becoming a so-called self-made thread (tm) ;-)

I seem to have found a sort of workaround that unblock the live
migration stall.
It has worked all the two times I have tried and on both the hosts.

So, after live migration issued from virt-manager, it gives the vm
running on the dest and shutoff on the source.
But the guest os seems frozen.

At tis point if, connected on the destination host, I do this:
 virsh # list
 Id Name                 State
  1 centos53             running
  2 centos53_node2       running
  3 prova2               running

virsh # dump 3 /tmp/dump_prova2.log
Domain 3 dumped to /tmp/dump_prova2.log

as soon as the dump completes (about 10-15 seconds), the guest becomes
reachable again via the network and the vnc graphical console....
HIH anyone and if I can analyse the dump or provide more info for
debugging, I'm still available.
I'm available to receive any advise about my previous questions too ;-]
such as the impossibility to connect through virt-manager run on host1
to the console of a guest running on a different host (to which I
connected in virt-manager).


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