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Re: [virt-tools-list] virt-manager-0.8.0 [bug] creating vm with existing disk

On Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 1:58 PM, Cole Robinson <crobinso redhat com> wrote:
Haydn Solomon wrote:
> Hello,
> I hope this is the right place to file a bug report. Whenever I try to
> create a new virtual machine using existing storage, the widgetbox does
> not accept the selected volume but remains empty after selection.
> Thanks.
> Haydn

Hmm, I can't reproduce, maybe I'm not understanding you correctly. In the new
VM wizard, you are trying to select existing storage, and after you exit the
storage browser the path isn't filled in the storage text box?

That's correct. Text box isn't filled after exiting storage browser.

Are there any tracebacks or error messages in the logs? You can try running
from the command line with 'virt-manager --debug' to see the output.

I'll try this and let you know..


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