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[virt-tools-list] RHEV, KVM, OpenGL and Memory Page Sharing


Sorry if this isn't the right mailing list, but it's the closest I've been
able to find among the list of lists available on related subjects.

I have seen a number of articles mentioning RHEV, but I haven't found any
details on the RedHat website about this product. Is it RHEL stripped down
to bare essentials? Are the SRPMs available for this distribution?

Is OpenGL abstraction/redirection avaialble on either Xen or KVM solutions
available on RHEL5? I have seen mentions of VMGL working on KVM and Xen,
but no RedHat/Fedora specific documentation, and even the KVM site only
refers to teletubby^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^HUbuntu, which requires additional
patches for 64-bit support (it is unclear whether this refers to 64-bit
hosts or both guests and hosts). ;^) Has anyone got a pointer toward any
docs or howtos on how to get KVM with OpenGL acceleration working or
Windows guests with RHEL5?

Are 64-bit guests supported with OpenGL acceleration? I have only seen
mentions of 32-bitness in the WineD3D wiki, so I'm assuming that trying to
get this working on a 64-bit Windows guest would be an exercise in
futility, but I thought I'd ask anyway. Having said that, isn't that only
relevant on 64-bit applications, and 32-bit WD3D should still work even on
a 64-bit system?

Or am I running way, way ahead of the bleeding edge here?

Finally, does RHEL5 contain the KVM patches for memory page sharing
(introduced circa 2.6.25)?

My primary use-case is replacing dual boot (Windows/Linux) workstations
with virtualized ones to avoid the disruptive rebooting all the time. It'd
be much neater to just have each OS VM running on a different virtual
terminal, assuming the performance is even remotely livable with.



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