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[virt-tools-list] "Shared physical device" networking in virt-manager doesn't work for remote libvirtd instance


I'm running libvirt-0.7.4 on a remote Gentoo server.
I'm connecting to it using virt-manager-0.8.1 on Gentoo.

When trying to create a new VM (KVM) using the 'New VM' wizard, I'm not able 
to select an existing bridge device as "Shared physical device" - the 
'Advanced options' section does only show the default virtual network.

When taking a look at ~/.virt-manager/virt-manager.log, there are 2 
interesting lines:
[Sun, 06 Dec 2009 05:40:17 virt-manager 31743] DEBUG (connection:1100) 
Connection doesn't seem to support interface APIs. Skipping all interface 
[Sun, 06 Dec 2009 05:40:19 virt-manager 31743] DEBUG (connection:202) Libvirt 
version does not support physical interface listing

So I tried to understand the code of virt-manager and it seems to me, that 
setting up a shared physical device for networking isn't possible for remote 
hosts - is this true?

Regards, Elias P.

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