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Re: [virt-tools-list] "Shared physical device" networking in virt-manager doesn't work for remote libvirtd instance

> Like the log output says, virt-manager doesn't think your libvirt
> instance supports remote bridge listing. You can test this by trying
> the virsh iface-list command on the remote host: if it fails,
> virt-manager was correct.
> You'll want to make sure that libvirt was compiled with interface
> support (using the netcf library) on both the local and remote host,
> otherwise that code is disabled.

Thank you, this explains a lot.

The Gentoo ebuild for libvirt contains:

    ## stuff we don't yet support
    myconf="${myconf} --without-devkit"
    myconf="${myconf} --without-netcf"

I'm taking a look at netcf now + ways to integrate it into Gentoo.
Let's see if I'll get it working.

Elias P.

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