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[virt-tools-list] Re: [et-mgmt-tools] Virtio support in Windows

Le samedi 18 juillet 2009 à 18:56, Cole Robinson a écrit :
> Laurent Léonard wrote:
> > What about a generic Windows target with (network only at this time)
> > virtio support, like the "virtio26" target ?
> At this point, the osdict should only be for stock OS distributions. Since
> no version of windows comes with virtio drivers, it doesn't apply here. The
> user can always manually override by specifying --network
> ...,model=virtio,...

With virtinst yes. But it could be useful to have the possibility to install a 
Windows with virtio network support guest with Virt-manager... The only 
solution at this moment is:
- abort the installation
- remove the standard NIC
- add a virtio NIC
- reselect CD-ROM boot priority
- start the VM again

It has a lack of ergonomics.

Laurent Léonard

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