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[virt-tools-list] [PATCHWORK] [virt-manager] fullscreen behaviour

Here is something showing the behaviour I had in mind. Basically the regular menubar is tossed into its own window in fullscreen mode.
It is minimized by default, but will pop up on hovering over it. There are some known unsolved issues that I want feedback on. In particular (quoting the patch):

  #FIXME: spawned windows (eg manager/help from menu) end up behind the fullscreened
  # Not entirely unexpected but. Anything we can do? Gray out these entries?

Graying out the entries seems easy enough to do, but gives a loss of functionality (for a non-obvious reason seen from user POV).
Another alternative is to go out of fullscreen mode if any of these entries are activated. Is that feasible and wanted?

I intend to fix all of these before requesting merge:
  #TODO: don't close menu if we got a new show_menu before timeout
  #TODO: kill details window on destruction
  #TODO: actually not centered?

Not neccesary imo, but nice to have (especially the first):
  #NICE: add a button for getting out of fullscreen
  #NICE: ability to have this "pinned"
And possibly a keyboard shortcut.

And the class should be called vmmFullScreenMenu I guess. Should it reside in a separate file?

Thoughts, comments?

Regards Jon Nordby - www.jonnor.com

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