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Re: [virt-tools-list] TLS authentification

Daniel Berteaud a écrit :
Le jeudi 01 octobre 2009 à 14:03 +0200, Daniel Huhardeaux a écrit :


On the client, it's another story. All certificats need to be located in /etc/pki/[CA|libvirt] directories. Ok, can be. But other problem is with the file names which are cacert.pem clientcert.pem and clientkey.pem

How to get them renamed as I have 2 servers to connect on :-( ? At this time I use same certs for both of them but that's not a solution.

I had the same problem, so for now, I've switched to SSH instead of TLS
(as I can manage different keys for different servers and automatically
choose the good one in .ssh/config).

But ssh you need to accept root connections, I can't agree with that.

But it'd be great to be able to
specify CA, cert and key files on a per connection basis when adding a
new connection using TLS. We should also be able to specify certs files
for VNC connections (also on a per connection basis)

Same here ;-)

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