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[virt-tools-list] virt-manager: does not pick up all config changes

>> I ran:
>>  virsh edit NAME
>> then changed <source network="default" /> under <interface type="network">
> Ahh, okay, I misunderstood. You essentially want to hotplug a network
> card on your VM. Libvirt does support hotplugging, but not via 'virsh
> edit' which is essentially 'virsh define'. You want to use
> attach/detach-device for hotplugging.

I don't think I want hotplugging. I want to change the vlan for a
particular device. I suppose in kvm speak this would mean changing the
host network device that a virtual network device is mapped to. All
while the guest is running. I guess this is not possible.

(Kind of like on a real switch, I change the native vlan for a port)

>> 2. virt-manager appears unresponsive/dead if you forget you're in a
>> vnc window somewhere. would be good to have some feedback (a beep or
>> whatever) if that happens
> Not sure I follow? How does it appear unresponsive?

I am using Windows with Xming as my X server. If I start virt-manager
then interact with a guest using the VNC console, I can move my mouse
to the virt-manager window and try to do stuff. It doesn't let me do

Perhaps this is a bug with Xming? Should my mouse pointer not be stuck
inside the guest VNC console?

> If you are in a vnc
> window (as in, a VM vnc console currently has keyboard and mouse locked
> in), how are you interacting with virt-manager that it appears dead?
>> 3. if you have lots of windows open, and try to open a vnc console for
>> a guest for which you already have a vnc window open, there is no
>> feedback. would be good if the vnc title bar flashed or (better) got
>> focus or something.
> Hmm, sounds like a bug. I'll try to reproduce and fix.
> Thanks for the feedback!
> - Cole

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