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[virt-tools-list] KVM Migration Using Virsh

I have been trying to get migration and/or live migration working on a pair of KVM systems, using this syntax on host system named blade1:

virsh migrate sputnik qemu+ssh://blade2/system
virsh migrate --live sputnik qemu+ssh://blade2/system

The VM makes it to the destination fine, but begins with a reboot in both cases. The libvirt logfile on the destination shows only:

LC_ALL=C PATH=/sbin:/usr/sbin:/bin:/usr/bin /usr/bin/qemu-kvm -S -M pc -m 512 -smp 1 -name sputnik -uuid c2bffc39-a9b5-29dc-1ca5-fb49ac664c1d -monitor pty -pidfile /var/run/libvirt/qemu//sputnik.pid -boot c -drive file=/mnt/os2/sputnik-disk0,if=virtio,index=0,boot=on -net nic,macaddr=00:16:3e:10:13:e3,vlan=0,model=virtio -net tap,fd=17,vlan=0 -serial pty -parallel none -usb -usbdevice tablet -vnc -incoming tcp:
char device redirected to /dev/pts/2
char device redirected to /dev/pts/3

Both machines are configured identically, with identically named bridges to the same networks, and the raw VM image mounted at the same location on a clustered filesystem. Each host system is on kernel and libvirt-0.6.2-17.fc11.x86_64.

Is this something I should expect to work? This link still includes work on migration on a todo list, but it has for some time: http://wiki.libvirt.org/page/TodoDriverKVM. Thanks in advance.


Jeffrey M Hardy
Systems Analyst
hardyjm potsdam edu

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