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Re: [virt-tools-list] [PATCH] systray: toogle Manager on click and a pref. to keep running in tray

On 10/22/2009 11:10 AM, Jon Nordby wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 10:00 PM, Cole Robinson <crobinso redhat com> wrote:
>> We should register a listener on the systray gconf preference in
>> engine.py that will stop the app if windows == 0.
> Well, that gets called the instant that the preference is changed (at least
> right now it does). So in the case of an open preference dialog and the user
> unticks the systray option (which might well be an accident) the program
> will die. In my opinion there should at least be a notification saying why.
> If not the user might think its a bug. Depending on how much of a corner
> case you think this is you might also want to have a button to open the
> manager window?

No doubt it is an extreme corner case, I really don't see anybody doing
this purposefully. I just want to avoid a zombie process that can't be
stopped without 'kill'.

> Or maybe the manager should just be spawned outright in this case... A bit
> to magical maybe? Not sure whats the best solution to this is, but dying
> silently is not a good one imo.

I think popping up the manager window is a reasonable compromise. Maybe
a bit magical, but I don't really expect this to be a common occurrence.

> Btw: I'm subscribed to the list, no need to CC me.

That's just how reply-all works for me.


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