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[virt-tools-list] ANNOUNCE: New releases virt-manager 0.8.3 and virtinst 0.500.2

I'm happy to announce two new releases:

virt-manager 0.8.3: virt-manager is a desktop application for managing
KVM and Xen virtual machines via libvirt.

virtinst 0.500.2: virtinst is a collection of command line tools for
provisioning libvirt virtual machines, including virt-install and

The releases can be downloaded from:


The direct download links are:


The virt-manager release includes:

- New ability to manage network interfaces: start, stop, and view
    existing interfaces. Provision new bridge, bond, and vlan devices.
- New option to 'customize VM before install', which allows adjusting
    most VM options from the install wizard.

The virtinst release includes:

 - virt-install: --autostart option for setting domain autostart flag
 - virt-install: Allow specifying --host-device with lsusb and lspci
                 format (0x1234:0x5678 for USB, etc)
 - virtinst: New 'Interface' module for building libvirt interface XML

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this release through testing,
bug reporting, submitting patches, and otherwise sending in feedback!


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