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[virt-tools-list] virt-manager needs finishing polish

After posting my initial blog post
and through discussion in comments and also in reported bugs I saw the
great potential of virt-manager on Fedora as desktop virtualization
tool that could replace likes of VMWare and VirtualBox but it needed
some UI and usability polish.

Please take use case of installing Fedora or Ubuntu in virt-manager as
benchmarks or ease of use for new users. How easy/hard is it to
install Fedora/Ubuntu as virtual machines in virt-manager? Any install
issues? How well do they work? Etc...

I covered some of that in my previously mentioned blog post and came
to some later what would make virt-manager easier to use.
After looking more deeply in virt-manager it UI indeed looks a bit
clunky and assumes you are familiar with the way it works, not user
friendly for new users.

For new users of virt-manager it would be great if somehow more
emphasized in UI is done on explaining that there are these things
called "storage pools" and also that there are two storage pools by
default; one in /var and other in /home directory.

Fedora community has educated me to put any suggestions as
constructive as possible and I did that in two RFEs and hope they are
seeded in fertile soil and that developers see opportunity to improve
usability of virt-manager

Here are two RFEs, please comment on them:

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