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Re: [virt-tools-list] Unable to create WinXP/W2K3 image - Disk read error

Le lundi 12 juillet 2010 02:58:11, David Dick a écrit :
> I used to be able to create an WinXP or a W2K3 image using virt-manager.
>   However, now the installation process goes through to a reboot and
> terminates with a message in the virt-manager window saying
> --------------------------------
> Booting from Hard Disk...
> A disk read error occurred
> Press Ctrl-Alt-Del to restart
> --------------------------------
> This failure does not occur when i create a W2K8 image with the same
> sized disk, and it keeps occurring for WinXP/W2K3 images even if i move
> the image to a physically different device, so i doubt it's an issue
> with my hardware.  

It's a qemu(-kvm) 0.12.x issue, should be fixed with the following patch: 

> The Details tab in virt-manager informs me that the
> failed image so longer has a CD-ROM drive at all, never mind that the
> drive should show the location of the install disk.  Can someone provide
> me with some help to find out whats going wrong?

It's a virtinst issue, fixed here: http://hg.fedorahosted.org/hg/python-

Laurent Léonard

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