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Re: [virt-tools-list] virt-manager columns

On 07/20/2010 03:12 PM, George wrote:
>   20.07.2010 18:26, Cole Robinson пишет:
>>  You can change the available columns via View->Graph in the main window.
> i see only this:
> http://gyazo.com/450168620e5baf34984aa1b924e809e1.png
> disk/network io
> Its interest too, but a want also to see
> cpu usage %, memory usage Mb, ID, status, VSPUs
> All from the previous version

Several fields were dropped to slim down the main UI.

VCPUs and ID were removed since they aren't all that useful to show in
the main screen.

Memory usage was also removed, because it never really showed anything
useful enough to warrant it on the main screen: it will be revived when
we support libvirt's memory stats APIs, which give actual memory usage
inside the VM.

CPU usage is still available, and is shown in the screenshot you posted.

VM status is shown as an icon with the VMs name, but it is no longer a
sortable field, since it wasn't deemed sufficiently useful to warrant a
row all to itself.

- Cole

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