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[virt-tools-list] Questions about the open remote connction

Dear all:

I found two defects of the virt-manager-0.8.4. When I add a remote connection through ssh, the OpenSSH dialogbox asked me to input the password. Then i want to find the password, but the dialogbox always capture the focus, I can't move the dialogbox or do anything else. I think this is a unfriendly design. Then I want to cancel the dialogbox, click the "Cancel" button, then the dialogbox will temporarily disappear and then appear.  Until I click the cancel button 3 times the dialogbox completely disappeared  and the virt-manager told me that the connection failed. I think this is also a unfriendly design.   

I think this two are little defects of the virt-manager. The defects still remain in the latest virt-manager version 0.8.4.


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