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Re: [virt-tools-list] virt-manager can't open display

On 09/11/10 03:42, Justin Clift wrote:
On Nov 9, 2010, at 12:28 PM, Santanu Das wrote:
Hi Richard,

Thanks for replying. I figured that doing this:
yum groupinstall "X Window System"
fixed the display issue. So, is it a must-have thing for virt-manager?
_Probably_ not.

It's more likely there was an X specific package you needed for it to work (maybe "xauth"? "libXpm"?), which was missing.

just wondering, why yum didn't pull in than dependency during the @KVM installation.

Installing all of the X Windows stuff took care of the problem, but it's _probably_ not all needed. :)

With sufficient time and effort, you could probably use something like "ldd" to figure out what was missing.  But, it could take some time, and it's probably not worth it now you have it working. :)

sure! not wasting any time at all but it's nice to know why it failed in the first place.


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