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[virt-tools-list] KVM Live Migration

We have the following test environment:

2 x CentOS 5.5 KVM virtual hosts
2 x CentOS 5.5 network storage boxes with NFS shares on LVs on DRBD (primary/secondary, no HA, just replication).

We have installed a Win7 guest which can be live migrated almost instantly between hosts using Virt Manager (or virsh). The problem is that the guest does not retain its running state after migration, but instead arrives on the new host in "reboot after unclean shutdown" mode (Windows Error Recovery page on screen), asking how we would like to reboot the guest (Safe Mode, normal, etc).

The migrated machine also loses IP connectivity (static IP) upon migration to new host, but regains it on migration back to original host.

So, live migration in this case isn't producing the expected results (a running, usable guest).
Same results using "migrate offline" and pausing the machine before migration.

What could we be doing wrong?

Michael Hall
IT Communications Officer
Alice Springs Town Council
mhall astc nt gov au
(08) 8950 0561

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