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Re: [virt-tools-list] KVM Live Migration

> As a thought, do you have SELinux enabled on the servers host servers,
> and are the host servers patched to the latest available patches?

SELinux is/was enabled
virt_use_nfs == on
No patches, bog standard install with available RPM updates

I tried disabling SELinux (setenforce 0), but same result.
The guest is pingable from the VM host, but not the network. Becomes pingable again if re-migrated back to original host. Possibly some sort of switch/ARP update required?

I'm pretty sure the shared NFS stuff is working OK, the guests do actually migrate and restart, its just that rebooting and losing network connectivity isn't the desired outcome :-)

I'm looking into libvirt hook scripts, not sure if they're relevant yet or not.
Also not sure if I'm dealing with one problem or two separate problems (rebooting + network).


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